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ECOSTORE final dissemination event:

The final public dissemination event of ECOSTORE took place as a special session during the E-MRS Fall Meeting 2017 in Symposium C “Multifunctionality of metal hydrides for energy storage – developments and perspectives”. The symposium was organised by Klaus Taube, HZG, Georgia Charalambopoulou, NCSRD, and Torben R. Jensen, Aarhus University.


E-MRS Best Student Presentation Award for Symposium C for Erika Dematteis, University of Turin.

The image shows the winners of the Symposium C Best Students Awards:
Best oral presentations (left): Efi Hadjixenophontos, University of Stuttgart, and Matteo Brighi, Université de Genève (not in the picture)
Best poster presentations (right): Nicolas Madern, ICMPE/CNRS, and Andres R. Galvis E., Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Marie Curie ITN ECOSTORE (dedicated session) - Talks of ECOSTORE Fellows

Marie Curie ITN ECOSTORE - Postersession of ECOSTORE Fellows

News 2016

Efi Hadjixenophontos receives the H&E Poster award at the 10th International Symposium Hydrogen & Energy in Zao, Japan, in February 2016. Efi is seen here with Prof. Shin-ichi Orimo, who congratulates Efi on this success and presents the award to her.
Poster: Hydrogen sorption kinetics in magnesium and titanium hydride thin films

Michael Heere receives the best student presentation award at the E-MRS Symposium in Warsaw in September 2016.

News 2015

ECOSTORE fellow Efi Hadjixenophontos presented her poster "Ion Beam Sputter Depoistion of MgH2 thin films to be used in Battery Applications" at the OZ-15 (3 - 5 March 2015, Kyoto, Japan) and won the Best Poster Award.

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