Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, 2018-07-16

"Industrial materials processing, hydrogen storage system design, construction and testing"

Chaoren Liu / Experienced Researcher at Zoz GmbH in Wenden, Germany

Working title

Industrial materials processing, hydrogen storage system design, construction and testing.


  • Thermodynamic and kinetic characterization of materials from upscaled synthesis process
  • Design of a prototype hydrogen storage system
  • Determination of systems performance
  • Techno-economical evaluation

Tasks and methodology

Develop high energy milling industrial processing route for hydrogen storage materials, selected from the most promising materials investigated within this project. Competitive cost effective raw materials from work package 8.1 will be selected, characterized and evaluated. An advanced hydrogen storage tank will be designed and tested, with the aim to improve the hydrogen storage capacity for mobile and stationary applications, while considering the cycling stability.

Short CV

Chaoren Liu studied his Bachelor degree in materials science and engineering in Central South University located in Changsha, China. During the undergraduate period, he studied physical metallurgy and mechanical metallurgy. Since 2008, he studied hydrogen storage materials at Institute of metal research, Chinese academy of sciences. His main work was to determine the crystal structure of chemical boron hydrides and complex boron hydrides, and thermodynamics of dehydrogenation reaction by density functional theory calculations. Besides simulation, he also investigated thermodynamics and kinetics of hydrogen desorption from boron hydrides by calorimetric measurements. Funded by Generalitat de Catalunya in 2012, he started working on relaxation dynamics of metallic glasses explored by mechanical relaxation, and obtained his Ph.D. title from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in 2015.
He has profound knowledge on materials science and engineering, is capable of experimental design, materials characterization, results analyzing and mechanism analyzing. He is an expert on calorimetric analysis and viscoelastic behavior of materials. Besides, he has experience on synchrotron radiation techniques like pair distribution function (PDF) analysis as well as EXAFS analysis through hand on training courses as well as granted beamtimes.
Now, funded by ECOSTORE project, he is working on industrial hydrogen storage materials processing, hydrogen storage system design, construction and testing.